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Balloon Twisting to add a twist to your next party!


About Us

About The Jelly Bean Queen

Nina Levene - The Jelly Bean Queen

I am a professional, female ‘extreme’ balloon twister living in Cary, North Carolina.  Having fun with a passion for making children smile is always my No 1. priority.  I have been twisting balloons for 10 years and continue to create new designs to meet current demand.

WHAT I DO: I just LOVE twisting balloons,  There is really nothing more rewarding than seeing those smiling faces and creating that ‘wow’ factor. I do not bring a balloon menu to work, unless requested by you. Guests always get to choose what balloon they would like.  My balloon apron is always filled with every color of the rainbow, and I never run out.

Break away from the standard ‘balloon twists’ 

Please Remember – these are our children, so don’t let just anyone walk through your door!! I come dressed professionally and well groomed. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I am insured with the World Clown Association and well trained in my art.

I am available for all types of celebrations, promotional, fundraising, festivals, birthday parties, bar/bat-mitzvahs, restaurant work.  

Please call 404 314 6362 or email me at to see how I can entertain you or your child and twist up some fun at your next event.